How to Download YouTube Movies

Downloading requires the Internet

Looking to download YouTube movies but you're not sure how? Don't worry, it's possible and easy to get your favorite YouTube clips onto your computer or portable device. However, be forewarned: While it's possible, it isn't always legal.

Ways to Download YouTube Movies

Generally, there are three different ways to download YouTube movies:

  1. Using a program on your computer
  2. Using an Internet site that will allow you to download the file
  3. Asking the poster of the video for a copy

While the first two options are the most popular, asking the poster for a copy is likely to be the most legal. Most of the websites out there feature a Web and a computer based version--so don't be too upset if you're not interested in using a program. A few sites that you can use include:

  • Vixy is one of the simplest converter sites to use. Just plug in the URL of the video you would like, input what file format you'd like to receive it in and you're done. Wait for the download to land on your computer. You can also download a desktop application from the site if you'd like to use it computer-based instead of keeping the window open while the file converts.
  • SaveVid: Another popular site, SaveVid makes storing videos easy. Simply give the site the URL and wait. Unlike, you can view popularly converted videos and download that file if it is something you're interested in--no waiting involved!
  • KeepVid: Like other popular sites in this area, all you need to do is input the video URL and wait for it to download. However, unlike other sites, it will show you some of the most popular videos that have been converted on the site. You can also put in many other video service URLs on this site (such as Vimeo).

For Your Viewing Enjoyment

YouTube often has some of the best video clips out there. From music videos to funny clips to independent movie productions, you can find countless things on YouTube. Be sure to visit the site often so you never miss anything that might excite you--no matter how many videos you download for your personal use! You might even find an online movie mag more entertaining than YouTube!

How to Download YouTube Movies