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Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland horror films are some of the most legendary horror films of all time. The Canadian actor has starred in many movies since the start of his acting career in the early 1960s.

About Horror Movies

Horror has always been one of the most popular genres of movies for viewers typically because many people like to be scared from time to time. Whatever the reason, horror films are as popular today as they have ever been. Horror fans might recognize Donald Sutherland from one of his many roles in horror films throughout the years, such as his role as Merrik in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Donald Sutherland Bio

Donald Sutherland was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1935 to Dorothy Isobel McNichol and Federaick McLea Sutherland. When he was 14, he got his first job at a radio station in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. When it was time for him to go to college, Sutherland chose Victoria College, where he studied engineering and drama.

He soon decided that he wanted to pursue acting rather than engineering, and moved to London to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. In the early 1960s, Sutherland began his acting career, getting smaller roles in films like Dr. Terror's House of Horrors in 1965. In 1978, he played a health inspector in Invasion of The Body Snatchers. In 2002, he won a Golden Globe for best supporting actor for the television series, Path to War. Sutherland played the infamous Mr.Bennett in the popular 2005 remake of Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. He often narrates television commercials, and even narrated the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Donald Sutherland is one of film and television's most iconic actors.

List of Donald Sutherland Horror Films

scary moves are not for the weak

If you want to watch a movie with Donald Sutherland in it, you have many different options. Since he has been acting since the 1960s, Donald Sutherland has a long list of horror films to choose from, as well as roles in films of other genres. Some Donald Sutherland horror films to check out are:

  • Castle of the Living Dead
  • Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
  • The Bedford Incident
  • The Split
  • Interlude
  • Alien Thunder
  • Klute
  • The Day of the Locust
  • Blood Relatives
  • Gas
  • The Rosary Murders
  • Scream of Stone
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Six Degrees of Separation
  • Panic

Donald Sutherland often makes cameo appearances in movies and television shows as well. Many stores such as Wal-Mart and F.Y.E. carry Donald Sutherland films, and rental stores like Blockbuster and Netflix allow you to easily rent movies, sometimes from the comfort of your own home. If you own an iPod or want to watch a movie on your computer, you can also buy or rent movies from the Apple iTunes store. A list of places to buy or rent movies is:

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Sutherland also has made many movies other than horror films. The Canadian actor has starred in comedies, war films, and drama flicks. Some of his more notable roles, outside of horror films, might be his appearances in National Lampoon's Animal House, Pride and Prejudice, Fool's Gold, and his role on the television program, Dirty Sexy Money.

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Donald Sutherland Horror Films