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Are you a fan of the Disney Movie The Parent Trap? With two different versions, the film is a favorite for its humorous plot and twin-filled double trouble scenarios.

Plot of The Disney Movie The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap follows the lives of two girls: Annie and Hallie (in the new version) or Sharon and Susan (in the old version). While growing up thousands of miles away from one another (in the most recent version of the film, Annie lives in England while Hallie lives in Napa, CA), the two girls have one very important similarity: they're sisters. Not only are the two girls sisters, but they are twin sisters who have never met! After their birth, the girl's parents separated. One girl went with their father while the other went with their mother. Neither parent ever mentioned to the girls that they had a sister.

One summer, the girls both go to the same summer camp. Unknown to them that they are actually sisters, the two girls begin a rivalry that lands them in the isolation cabin at camp. While separated from the rest of the campers, the girls discover that they are sisters and hatch a plan: to reunite their parents.

Instead of going back to their proper parent, the girls switch places. While the wrong twin heads to her father's home, the other heads to her mother's home. The plan is affixed around one simple hope: When the girls are switched back to the proper parent, their parents will remember how much they love one another.

While living the life of each other, the twins get to know the parents they have never known. Each girl gets connected to the life and the people that their sister has. When one twin finally tells her mother that she is actually her real self and not who she thinks she is, her mother is relieved to have finally gotten to see her. The two set off to unswitch the twins. While the girls' mother thinks that their father knows about the switch, the girls keep him out of the loop.

The reason for keeping their father in the dark? The girls' father is due to marry a woman that Annie nicknames Cruella Deville in the newer version. The girls hope that seeing their mother will end Nick's relationship. Through a handful of troubles, both parents find out about the switch. While the parents still love one another, they cannot get over the pain they felt due to their separation and set course to their normal lives. After seeing her leave, the twin's father realizes that he does not want to live without the girls' mother. As a result, the twins' parents are reunited.

In the newer version of The Parent Trap, the parents are remarried during the credits of the film through photographs. In the older version of the film, the parents are remarried in the film's closing sequence.

Popular Cast Members

Each of The Parent Trap movies skyrocketed the career of the actress playing the twins. Lindsay Logan, now known for her rockstar antics and music career, played the role Hallie Parker and Annie James in the 1998 version while Hayley Mills played the roles of Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers in the older version. Her career become much more demanding as a result of her role in the Disney movie, The Parent Trap.

At the time of the original filming, the technology that allowed Mills to play both roles was cutting edge. By the time Lohan played the character, the technology was even further enhanced.

Final Thought

For fans of either version of The Parent Trap, the film is a treat. The cast of the remake is just as talented as the cast of the original film. In addition to cast, the plot remains comical with just the right touch of romance to melt the hearts of all. The two films are popular because of all these factors.

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Disney Movie The Parent Trap