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If you pay attention to those who write about movies, odds are you are familiar with David Elliott movie reviews. This reviewer has been picking and panning newly released movies for years, starting with his stint writing for the Chicago Daily News in 1969. Why should you read his reviews? Read on and find out!

About David Elliott

David Elliott has been writing movie reviews for the San Diego Union since 1984. He learned to write movie reviews in college and was hired at the Chicago Daily News as an arts writer in 1969. He became the paper's movie reviewer in 1971. In 1978 he joined the Chicago Sun Times when the Chicago Daily News folded. Mr. Elliott joined USA Today as their first film critic in 1982 but left the paper two years later for greener pastures in San Diego. He wanted to write bigger reviews instead of smaller blurbs that were contained in the New York paper.

Mr. Elliott isn't just a movie critic; he is a writer that has an incredible draw of readers both in print and on the Internet. He has been nominated several times for the Pulitzer Prize, which is considered very uncommon for any critic. David believes that the quality of a person's writing is the most important in his line of business and people will read you no matter your opinion if you write well. Obviously, this line of thinking has worked well for him as his reviews are syndicated nationwide.

Why Read Movie Reviews

Movie reviews can help you decide whether to see a particular movie or not. Sometimes movie reviews are incredibly biased; others are so scant you can't really tell whether the reviewer enjoyed the movie or not. A movie reviewer's job is to watch a movie, pay attention to the characters and plot, then report on how they felt about the movie. Hopefully the reviewer will give the reader enough information about whether the actors gave a moving performance or not, and whether the plot was engaging.

Being an honest reviewer equals longevity in this business. Readers expect the reviewers to be unbiased and to state their honest opinions. Reviewers who only give good reviews to every movie they watch don't stay in business very long. The general public expects both good and bad reviews, and reviewers need to have a thick skin to deal with those who disagree with them.

Where to Find David Elliott Movie Reviews

If you would like to read well-written and unbiased movie reviews from someone who has managed to maintain relationships with actors and the major studios for decades, read David Elliott's movie reviews on his paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The following websites post David Elliott movie reviews, as well as those written by other movie critics:

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David Elliott Movie Reviews