Cube Movie Review


Even though the film was made over a decade ago, you can still find a number of websites that feature a Cube movie review or two.

Cube Movie Plot

The film Cube features a man waking up in a cube shaped room and not knowing where he is or how he got there. The room has doors on each wall as well as the ceiling and floor. He begins to explore the area by opening the doors, finding that all the rooms, though all cube-shaped, are different in some way or another.

As the main characters of the film are introduced, they all continue to explore the different cubes and discover some of them are perfectly harmless, while others have traps. During their travails they discover there is an outer shell to the cube and believing this is a way out, they start attempting to make their way toward what they believe to be the exit.

While moving from cube to cube, several conflicts arise and a few characters die. The film's main players are:

  • Maurice Dean Wint - Quentin, the main character who claims to be a cop.
  • Nicky Guadagni - Dr. Helen Holloway, a doctor at a free clinic.
  • Nicole deBoer - Joan Leaven, an expert mathematician.
  • David Hewlett - David Worth, designer of the outer shell of the cube, though this fact isn't revealed until later on in the film.
  • Wayne Robson - Rennes, an escaped convict.
  • Andrew Miller - Kazan, an autistic adult.
  • Julian Richings - Elderson, the man who first wakes up in the cube-shaped room in the beginning of the film.

Cult Following

Even though Cube was an independent, relatively low budget film, over time it has developed quite the cult following. Many believe that this is due to the fact that the film has many similarities to the writing of novelist Franz Kafka.

Finding Cube Movie Reviews

Here are a few places online where you can find various Cube movie reviews:

  • Rotten Tomatoes - Arguably one of the go-to guides for movie reviews, Cube has a 58 percent rating on the "Tomatometer."
  • Flixster- This website includes reviews by critics and non-critics alike. It also includes a bit about the movie's main characters as well as still shots taken from the film.
  • IMdb Internet Movie Data Base - IMDb is one of the most comprehensive movie sites on the Web. You can find in-depth information about the actors as well as learn about other films they may have done. IMdb gives Cube a score of 7.5 out of 10.
  • Empire Online - This film offers movie reviews done by its staff members. The reviews are very detailed and give you a great idea of what the movie is all about. Empire's verdict on Cube is four out of five stars.
  • Entertainment Weekly - The reviews on ''Entertainment Weekly'''s website offers a grade by both the reviewer for the magazine as well as a tool called "Critical Mass." This tool allows you to see what other people thought of the film and how they graded it as compared to ''Entertainment Weekly'''s reviewer.

Reviews of Cult Classics

For films that aren't necessarily commercial successes but end up developing a close cult following, it is sometimes difficult to find a good, unbiased review. Those that are a part of the cult following will give it a raving review, while those who prefer big budget commercial films may give it a negative review. This is why when reading movie reviews, you should always base your decision about a film on your own personal preferences.

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Cube Movie Review