Cool Movie Trivia Game

Cool Movie Trivia

Want to play a cool movie trivia game? Where do you start? Well, you can start online for one thing, and then make sure you have a free afternoon and evening, because you're not going to come up for air for hours.

Cool Movie Trivia Games Online

What better place to start than Cool Movie Trivia? With an endless amount of quizzes and Flash games, as well as lists of top scorers to keep you motivated, you can never complain about being bored again. The most popular Flash game is Who Wants to Be a Cool Movie Zillionaire?, which is exactly what it sounds like. It borrows the format of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and gives you multiple-choice questions that start off easy and quickly get more difficult. You can choose different "hosts" such as Gandalf, Spider Man or a zombie, all of which have amusing visuals and sound effects to accompany the game. And if you crash out at the third question, well, you can start all over again with a mouse click.

You can search interesting quizzes by date, difficulty or subject matter. It should be noted that, with the exception of some quizzes on classic movies, the bulk of the subjects and questions are very current, male-centric action flick and action-star oriented. So it's a great site if you're a James Bond or Lord of the Rings fan, but less so if you're into chick flicks or older comedies.

The Pursuit of Movie Trivia

The ultimate cool movie trivia game is the Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen Edition. While the boxed board game is no longer being made, although you can often find it for sale on eBay, the game can be played on several online sites. You can play a trial version for free, but if you really want to get into it, you have to pay for a download. It generally goes for about $20. The categories are:

  • Directors
  • Actresses
  • Actors
  • Plot Points
  • Quotes & Names
  • Wild Card

Unlike most online movie trivia, this game is more for serious film buffs, with questions about Alfred Hitchcock's cameos in his films, Agnes Moorehead's Oscar nominations, and Eddie Cantor's birth name. You can play with a friend or you play "Bucky," a poor sport of a popcorn box who cries when he gets an answer wrong and "tsks" when you do. A bonus when playing Bucky is that if you know the answer to his question, you can select it and thus "lock" it and leave him stuck with having to submit a wrong answer. This can speed up the game considerably, but since the free version stops you after three wedges, it doesn't do you much good. The game is available on Yahoo!, AOL, Big Fish, iWin and, of course, Trivial Pursuit.

A popular and pretty cool movie trivia game is Scene It?, which also has the distinction of being the first DVD game. It has a general edition, but also one for Harry Potter, James Bond and Turner Classic Movies. The specialized versions can be more fun than the general one, which tends toward the generic and relatively current. Questions range from fill in the blanks, to slowly appearing images that you must name.

Specialized Movie Trivia

If you like Trivial Pursuit and are a proud Star Wars geek, you probably know they make a version of the game just for you. You can find the old boxed edition used, but if you're a real geek, you're going to be gaga for the DVD version. The categories are:

  • The Cantina -- Incorporates aliens and cameos who appear briefly but memorably
  • The Force -- Questions about causes and effects in major plot points
  • Heroes, Villains & Scoundrels -- Questions pertaining to all the major and key supporting characters
  • The Saga -- Tests your knowledge about plots, such as quotes and missing moments from key scenes
  • A Galaxy Far, Far Away-- Questions on significant locations
  • Hyperspace -- The wild card category

Adventurers be warned! It's not enough to love the movies. While there will always be easy questions, many of them involve minutiae that you'd only know by having read accompanying comic books and novelizations, which, if you're a real geek, you have. Like Scene It?, some of the Star Wars game asks you to identify an image that's slowly being revealed, or an element that doesn't belong. It's intense, but sure to provide hours of fun for real devotees.

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