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Sometimes you may feel like you have to wade through a pool of not-so-G-rated videos to find a few clean and funny video clips that you can forward to your friends, family, and even co-workers when you could all use a good laugh.

Common Themes in Clean, Funny Clips

You just can't go wrong with certain topics when you're looking for clean, funny clips. Here are a few common themes:

  • Babies: Laughing, getting into trouble, or just making silly faces, baby clips can make almost anyone smile without being at all offensive.
  • Animals: When animals seem human, they're often their funniest. These, too, are usually unoffensive.
  • Physical humor: People falling, people getting hit by plastic baseball bats their kids are wielding and more, think of The Three Stooges and you'll know you can't go wrong with this type of funny clip.


YouTube may be the first place you think to look when you're searching for videos, but sometimes you have to go through a few with inappropriate scenes or language just to find your good natured chuckle in a haystack. YouTube may not be the best place to look if you're easily offended, but here are a few winners that should make you smile:

  • Carol Burnett: Wrong Number: A married couple argues about what a "wrong number" means. She thinks it's a "signal" to her husband. He claims it's just a wrong number.
  • Tim Clue: Debt: Cherish it, be proud of it!
  • Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover: If you're having a bad day because you're feeling misunderstood, perhaps you can get some relief by watching this guy.
  • Otters Holding Hands: This may not make you guffaw in your seat, but it's bound to get a chuckle simply because it's so cute.

To find more "safe" videos on YouTube, you can enter "clean humor" into the search box and see what catches your eye.


These videos at JibJab aren't the same type of video clips you may normally think of. However, they're clean, funny, and something you'll just have to pass on to your friends (especially if you use their picture in one of the dancing character cards).

Around Christmas, you can add your face and your friends' faces to elf bodies and watch them dance and sing. When it isn't Christmastime, you can still put your friends' faces on funny characters that dance and sing in different settings. There's something especially funny about seeing your face or the face of someone you know on a ridiculous character doing out of the ordinary things.

Funny Short Videos

Funny Short Videos is a Blogspot blog featuring exactly what you're looking for-short, funny clips that involve clean humor, like people falling, The Muppets, talking birds, and more. Posts go all the way back to June 2006, so you've got plenty of videos to watch if you're trying to kill a lot of time. Many of them are YouTube videos, but they're filtered by the blog owner so you don't have to wonder if the humor is going to turn dirty.

Aha Jokes

Aha Jokes has a list of clean and funny video clips to look through. The only down side is the fact that you have to download them and then unzip them on your computer rather than just watching on the site. If you don't mind downloading the funny videos and have a program to unzip them easily, you will surely enjoy many, many laughs thanks to this site!

Funny Clean Videos

Funny Clean Videos is exactly what the name implies. Enjoy video clips like a Tom Cruise parody from Superhero Movie, the Funny Banana Dance on Trampoline, bloopers, and more.

A Final Word about Clean and Funny Video Clips

Yes, they do exist! There are always clean and funny video clips out there with laughing babies, silly animals, people falling, and more. Sometimes you have to sift through a few not so clean videos to find the good ones, but if you are careful about your search wording or visit only sites that offer clean humor exclusively, you'll be pretty safe.

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