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Christian Movies

Being a parent in today's world is tough and finding the right entertainment can be challenging. However, with Christian movie reviews available online you can easily find a suitable movie for you, your children and the rest of your family.

What is a Christian Movie

There are films that are specifically written for the Christian audience much like "Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson. That film in particular was meant for the believers in Christianity. Christian movies as a whole, however, are not always all about preaching about the Bible or even about faith. These movies can be about growing your spirit, finding yourself and spreading the Christian message of understanding and acceptance. If you look hard enough you can find that any movie can have some sort of Christian message. You just have to put the right spin on it.

This is where Christian movie reviews come into play: being able to allow us to see these deeper meanings and decide if the story is worthwhile prior to seeing it. As a whole the movies should be entertaining as well as give off the right message.

What Makes a Good Christian Movie Review

Movie reviews often tell the viewer the personal opinion of the individual reviewing it. Did they like the way the film was shot? Was the dialogue witty and natural sounding or did it seem more like something you would read off of a cereal box? Were the scenes pieced together in a way that properly told a nice, engaging story? Essentially it comes down to the personal likes and dislikes of the reviewer. And although Christian movie reviews may contain these same bias statements, they should also review a movie based on the teachings of the Bible. Even movies that contain sex and violence can have a good Christian message, as triumph without hardship is complacency. So there is a difference between Christian movies and family friendly movies.

Sources for Christian Reviews

Of course you're curious about what movies are suitable for you and your family, but also which movies bring with them a supportive role in Christianity. Not just movies made for the Christian audience but also the so-called mainstream, Hollywood blockbusters like Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man and those movies that have won Christian awards. The following online resources are great Internet sites for anyone looking for honest Christian movie reviews.

Christian Answers: This site is dedicated to answering the "Christian question" on a variety of subjects. They cover a broad range of entertainment including movie reviews from a Christian's point of view. You can browse their reviews by the first letter of the title of the movie as well as search for the full title. You may also find movies based on a "Morality Rating".

Christianity Today: An online magazine dedicated to all things Christianity. The website has information on various things dealing with Christianity including a listing of magazines, leadership, the church and movies. The movie reviews are concise and all geared to the Christian way of being.

Cross Walk: This is another Internet magazine that is geared to all things Christian and all things Christianity. The site is broken down in to channels for easy navigation that include such topics as parenting, homeschooling and fun. You will find the movie reviews under the "Movies" channel. The movie reviews found here can have a very biased slant to them and read like many traditional reviews, but what follows the normal review is a list of warnings so those of interest can judge for themselves.

Christian Cinema: what you have here is a website that is all about Christian movies. You can shop for movies, read about family friendly entertainment news, and you can even rent movies online. They have thousands of family approved movie reviews for the Christian perspective. The movies aren't listed in any particular order other than the newer ones first. The titles that link to the review include whether or not they are "Dove Family Approved." The reviews are unbiased with a list of notable issues that may be against Christian values.

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