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Article Highlight: YouTube Free Movies to Watch

There are many free movies on YouTube, from silent films to musicals, mysteries, horror, and science fiction. Finding them can take some time, but the rewards often include discovering terrific actors in forgotten… Keep reading »

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About YouTube Videos

YouTube movies can teach you anything you'd like to know, make you laugh, brighten your day with cute animals or babies, and show you trailers for upcoming (and in some cases, long gone) movies. They're free to watch, and you can even upload your own if you feel to urge to share an experience with the rest of the world.

What You Can Find

YouTube videos can be obscure, like Muppet clips. They can be quick clips of monkeys or spoofs that will give you a big laugh within about five minutes of watching. Watch previews from movies like Pocahontas even though it's been out for years, or the Care Bears for a trip down memory lane, refreshing your memory if you need to try to decide which movies to watch. They can even be helpful in determining which movies your child is interested in so that you know what to rent later. Grab your kids and watch a few clips on YouTube to see which full-length films have the greatest likelihood of holding their interest all the way through.

Learn how to cook, how to skateboard, how to do hair and makeup, and more. Enjoy music you might not otherwise be exposed to or view clips from classic films you've missed for years. YouTube is an eclectic mix of almost anything you could possibly want to know or enjoy.

Come Back for More

Don't forget to check back for more links to YouTube videos that will make you laugh, tug your heartstrings, or just make you tilt your head and say, "Huh. That's interesting." YouTube is full of videos that evoke all types of responses, and this is the perfect place to find out more.

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