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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what about a slideshow? Discover similarities between characters or movies you like or don't like, or discover movies you've never seen before that you think you would enjoy watching. A movie photo gallery is a movie enthusiast's paradise, no matter whether they simply enjoy watching movies in one or several genres, or they prefer to make their own. There's something for everyone!

Finding Characters

Pictures of our favorite characters can not only be used for comparisons but help to update your movie knowledge. This can help you with where you've seen Will Smith or who Wolverine is? For example, dive into the X Men characters pics to update your Marvel movie game. Check out an Independence Day slideshow and find enlightenment.

Exploring Animations

Is Donald Duck your main man? Are you gaga for Goofy? Peruse through pictures of some of the top Disney characters. Not only will you explore different shots of some of your top ten, but you can learn a thing or two about these fan favs. Explore classic Disney characters pictures like Mickey and Minnie along with newer stars like Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Check out images from newer cartoons like Cars movie characters. View pictures of the voice artists from these characters while exploring a little bit of bio.

Find Your Favorite Cast

It's always fun to look at images of some of your favorite cast. Not only can you learn a bit about these prestigious actors, but you can find out about an old heart throb. If you love the Twilight franchise, you might want to check out some of these slides from the New Moon cast before they all grew up. You can also get info on other films you might see them in or other work they've done.

Go Behind the Scenes

So how do you make your own documentary? You may have watched a handful or more but still are not sure just how to go about making your own, getting the funding you need, achieving the lighting and special effects you'd love to see in your own creation. No problem. A guide with pictures can help set you on the path to fulfilling your dreams.

The Visual Appeal of Movies

Articles are fun, but pictures are even better. Use these slideshows to find out about some of your must see characters in film or animation or just to learn a bit more about some of the movies you love. You can also use them to contrast characters, learn about the voice behind animations or just view some of your favorite actors.

Movie Photo Gallery