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Article Highlight: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry is a bold new take on action movies. For the first time, the audience sees through the eyes of the action hero for 90 straight minutes, and the film never leaves that point of view. Director Ilya… Keep reading »

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If you're wondering which movies to see, sometimes the previews aren't enough. Movie reviews can help you narrow down your choices further on a Saturday night when you don't know which film to see. You can decide which movies will be most appropriate for specific company you're planning on having over, plus get information from "real" reviewers with a wide range of opinions to consider.

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Some movie reviews, like those found at Focus on the Family will tell you if a movie is suitable for your kids to watch, based on language, violence, nudity, and more. You can also find reviews from sites where you may purchase DVDs. You can find reviews not just for the movies that are still in the theaters at any given time, but reviews for the classic or slightly older ones you are considering downloading or renting from Blockbuster.

There are sites dedicated to nothing but movie reviews, bringing you fresh opinions on movies--reviews the major critics may disagree with--but from reviewers whose tastes more clearly mirror your own. These are sometimes the prized sites because you can get a better understanding of a movie's plot, its pros and cons, and more, from people just like you. If you're interested in writing your own reviews, what's stopping you? You can contribute your own opinions quite easily at sites like Rotten Tomatoes.

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