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Flix Movie Channel launched in 1992 as a cable channel with 24-hour programming that focused on older classics from the '70s with occasional titles from the '50s and '60s. As Flix evolved, so have the ways in… Keep reading »

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Movie Channels Overview

Movie channels can come to the rescue when you're in the mood for a certain genre but you can't decide what you would like to watch. They may also save you when you're desperate to watch something but you don't want to go out to rent or buy a flick, and watching a movie on your computer is just too cumbersome. A movie channel could broaden your horizons, showing you a film or even a type of film that you've never seen before, opening your eyes to a brand new series of thoughts or new way of thinking.

The Specifics

There are channels for westerns for those who feel they were born in the wrong time period and long for the Wild West where the sheriff ran the town and cowboys in boots with horses roamed the land. In addition, there are channels that show love stories for the hopeless romantics and animated features for kids. There are also movie channels that show family-oriented movies so that you can turn on something for your kids and yourself at any time.

Some channels offer a wide variety of movie types rather than focusing on romance or sci-fi, for example. Encore as a whole offers drama, action, westerns, and mystery. For some, convenience is a factor, and some movie channels allow you to watch movies on demand, like Showtime. There's a channel for everyone, even if you just want to see the latest movies rather than a specific "type" of movie.

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