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Family movies are often misrepresented as being just for kids. While there are films that fit this description, family movies are more about a chance for the family to enjoy a film together without worrying about content that may be inappropriate.

Disney Movies for Families

When most people think of family movies, the first name that comes to mind is Disney. This media empire includes some of the most iconic films and film franchises ever created. The first animated feature film by Disney was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937. What followed is a list of Disney movies that spans eight decades. Some of the most memorable animated Disney movies include the Disney Princesses like Pocahontas and live action families such as the characters in The Parent Trap. Young actors and actresses who act in Disney movies often find fame as Disney stars who also create singing and television careers.

Animated Family Movies

While animated movies might seem childish at first, they often include powerful messages for people of all ages hidden within manageable, friendly images. These cartoon movies include classics like the Dumbo movie and the musical movie Fantasia. As technology develops, so do animated features. Today you'll find beloved animated family movies like Finding Nemo and the Ice Age movies that tackle new issues and use new technology.

Live Action Family Movies

As your kids get older, they'll be more interested in live action family movies that feel a little more mature. There are live action films for kids of all ages, but they are typically coming-of-age films that are great for tweens and their parents. From classics like ET: The Extra-Terrestrial to modern movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, live action movies are filled with loveable, relatable characters in real locations. Actors and storylines such as those in The Princess Diaries or Night at the Museum portray real family struggles you can all bond over.

TV Movies for Families

If you don't feel like heading to the theaters or have a streaming service to watch movies on, you can also catch made for TV movies from the comfort of home. Movies that are only shown on television typically feature holidays or specific life lessons. Disney Channel original movies are great for families with kids of various ages while Hallmark Christmas movies are best suited for families with tweens and teens. Many family Christmas movies are made for television. Popular family shows incorporate holiday themes with things like Thanksgiving shows that might run longer than a typical episode.

Family Movies Become Fond Memories

Family films are magical, wondrous, and viewed by kids and their parents alike with a sense of wonder that only the best family movies can inspire. Classics like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins are fondly remembered by all who saw them for a reason. Today you can watch family movies on television, through rented or purchased DVDs, or downloaded from the Internet. They can be viewed on cell phones, video game systems, and your home computer. Whatever your preference, the best part about these movies is watching them together.

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