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Many of Disney's classic films have become a part of pop culture history, while modern films like Frozen see unprecedented success. The Disney catalog represents magic and wonder, great stories, memorable characters,… Keep reading »

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Disney's Premiere Of The "Ice Princess"

Disney films for children offer a sense of enchantment that grabs you at a young age and revisits you every time you see or hear the characters and storyline. Disney movies are great for the whole family and often incorporate important life lessons. These films are filled with a heavy dose of imagination and typically include some memorable music.

Disney Prince and Princess Movies

Some of the most famous animated Disney movies are the ones featuring lovable and memorable Disney princesses and Disney princes. These movies often feature love stories filled with romantic quotes and characters who face fantasy or real-life hardships. Classic Disney princesses include Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, Snow White, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In 2018 and 2019 many of these films have gotten live-action make-overs.

Popular Family Movies From Disney

While the Disney princesses are wildly popular, there are also quite a few animated Disney movies that don't include princesses. Beloved family movies such as Dumbo, which features an elephant main character, and The Lion King appeal to children's love of animals. All Disney movies, like the iconic Toy Story movies, showcase topics and things kids love matched with wit and heart parents can appreciate.

Live Action Disney Movies

Some Disney movies made for families and older kids don't include any animation at all. Most Disney Channel original movies feature teen actors and actresses living out fantasy lives or just trying to deal with real life tween/teen issues. Other iconic live action Disney movies include fairy tale stories like Ever After and The Princess Diaries. If you're not keen on animated films, these Disney productions carry all the heart, humor, and imagination with real actors instead of cartoons.

Disney Movie Facts and Information

Part of the magic of Disney is its rich history and broad spectrum of products. From theme parks to owning other iconic franchise, like Star Wars, the Disney company always keeps fans wanting more and wondering what they'll think of next. Discover the order of your favorite films on a chronological list of Disney movies or find out what hidden messages found in Disney movies you've missed. If you want to become a Disney star yourself, find out how to get Disney Channel movie auditions.

Movies With the Magic of Disney

Disney movies for kids aren't just about new, brightly colored pictures. They've become an intricate part of childhood. If you ever miss those good old days, just pop in a Walt Disney film to watch and you'll get an instant pick-me-up. Now you can find older Disney movies online, on streaming services, and on second-hand videos or DVDs. New movies come out regularly in theaters and on Blu-ray or DVD.

Disney Children's Films