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dvd and movie rentals

In this rush, rush world when you are apt to have little time for such things as going to the movies and the family budget limits the funds available for entertainment, isn't it nice to know DVDs and movie rentals can help you out? Most movies from the past and present eventually make their way into a DVD format and movie rental and into your homes.

About DVDs and Movie Rentals

LoveToKnow Movies' DVD and Movie Rentals category provides you with ideas on the types of movies and DVDs you can purchase or rent, either online or from a local rental store. You can look to the LTK Movies collection of articles to provide plot highlights, reviews, and often interesting trivia that may spark your interest in the DVD movie, or even help you locate that hard-to-find DVD or online movie rental

DVDs and online rentals allow you the luxury of watching your favorite movies again and again from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Unlike going to a movie theater, you are welcomed to talk to throughout the movie, and you won't miss the pivotal scene just because you had to return to the kitchen for more popcorn. This also allows you to see the movie without the added expense of purchasing it -- especially if you don't like it!

A Few Extras

Another cool feature of DVDs is that most moviemakers add extras to the DVD that you can't see in a movie theater such as documentary footage about the making of the movie, and surprisingly interesting movie trivia. Many movies even feature interactive games as a special DVD feature.

The bottom line is either way, DVDs and movie rentals allow you the freedom of watching your favorite movies without the added expense!

DVDs and Movie Rentals