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Bollywood film couples are legendary.

If you're searching for Bollywood YouTube videos, you'll have no trouble finding just what you're looking for. The popular site is home to thousands of Indian movie clips, songs, videos and films.

About Bollywood

Bollywood is a widespread term used to define the Indian film industry. The word fuses Bombay with Hollywood, suggesting that the Indian industry is an offshoot of America's glamorous film industry. This, however, is not the case. Bollywood is an independent and ever-growing industry that churns out hundreds of films each year, contributing to the nearly 1000 films produced annually by the Indian film industry as a whole.

The Movies and the Music

Where there's one, the other is sure to follow. Movies and music go hand in hand in Bollywood, where feature films are rarely without several boisterous, colorful and memorable dance sequences. This is just one element that makes Indian film so renowned in the international film industry.

It's no surprise, then, that a search on YouTube for "Bollywood music videos" will typically pull up several thousand results. Among the Bollywood YouTube results are the popular song sequences from feature films, as well as music videos from professional singers and bands. Remixes are especially popular, particularly among the younger set. These remixes aren't necessarily all Indian, either; in fact, many Hindi songs are mixed with popular American songs to create an entirely new sound.

Additionally, the Bollywood YouTube music video selection includes unique footage not easily found elsewhere, such as:

  • The making of a Bollywood music video
  • Behind the scenes at the Bollywood Music Awards
  • Monthly Bollywood music countdowns
  • Classic Bollywood melodies
  • Interviews with singers and bands
  • Live song and dance performances

Bollywood Royalty

Some of the most well-known talents in Bollywood come from a long line of respected actors. Families such as the Bachchans and Kapoors have long been regarded as some of the biggest names in the industry. Indeed, the Bachchan family is considered veritable royalty in India. Meanwhile, the new generation has spawned a bevy of talent of its own. Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, actor Hrithik Roshan, actress Priyanka Chopra (another former Miss World) and countless others have taken the industry by storm in recent years.

The offerings from "new" Bollywood are simply a progression of what the industry has always produced: beautiful, inspired blends of song, dance and theatre, molded into vibrant works of cinematic art. In the United States, these films are aired on select Indian television networks, such as Zee Cinema and Sony Television. However, because these networks are available only via satellite, many choose to rent or purchase Bollywood films from Indian stores.

When this is not an option, YouTube is an excellent alternative. It's also an outstanding source of clips for old, current and upcoming films. A quick search for a film title's name, an actor's name or a song's name will undoubtedly produce plenty of results. Bollywood elite, such as the aforementioned talent and many others, are abundantly present on YouTube.

The Bollywood YouTube Channel

A recent unprecedented partnership between YouTube and Eros International, an Indian entertainment company, resulted in the creation of the Bollywood YouTube channel. This unique collaboration exposes Bollywood to an even greater international audience than ever before. Though the channel's offerings are limited at best, it does shine the spotlight on many of today's most popular films and songs. In addition to music videos, the channel also features:

  • Trailers of upcoming and current films
  • Scenes from films
  • Behind the scenes documentaries

Production company Tips Industries Limited has also joined forces with YouTube to introduce its own Bollywood channel. The Tips Industries Limited channel offers a full repertoire of promotional content for the production house's films. The site features the following:

  • Trailers of upcoming and current films
  • Music videos from films

The Ultimate Showcase

YouTube attracts millions upon millions of viewers daily, at every hour of the day, on every continent of the globe, and Bollywood YouTube searches surely abound. It's no wonder, then, that companies like Eros International and Tips Industries Limited have collaborated with YouTube. The potential to reach a wider audience than ever before is enormous, and the Web site's ability to create a virtual network of fans is irresistible to production companies seeking to promote their next major project. YouTube is, without doubt, the ultimate showcase for this booming industry.

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