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Bollywood Ringtones


Bollywood is Calling

Bollywood is becoming more of a discernable force in the American mainstream than ever before,including the popularity of Bollywood ringtones. There are now American based Bollywood web sites, America's Next Top Model with Tyra Banks featured a Bollywood photo shoot last year, and now there are Bollywood ringtones available for your mobile phone. Who knew?The fact that Bollywood ringtones even exist may come as a surprise to many, but they are sitting just on the cusp between obscure and cool. Teens with Eminem's chorus "da-doing doing doing" may be upsetting their parents, but those with Sonu Nigam's Kal Ho Naa Ho are turning heads outright. They're probably also causing more than a few heads to be scratched in curious amazement, at least in the US.

It Came From Bollywood

Bollywood ringtones are the latest development in a growing trend of Bollywood popularity in America. While you're not likely to find many Bollywood titles available from mainstream ringtone sources yet (there's still too much Nelly, Fifty Cent, and Green Day to go around), there are a great number of sources like Pappu Mobile that specialize in polyphonic (or is that Bollyphonic?) sounds straight from Bollywood.

Since Bollywood Movies are so full of music (nearly every movie has at least one big song-and-dance production number), there is an almost limitless supply of Bollywood Music available for download and use as ringtones. They're already as popular in India as P. Diddy ringtones are here, and they've been flowing into this country on a steady wave of cultural influence from the Middle East for the past few years.

Who Would? Bollywood!

The mobile phone phenomenon being a worldwide one, Bollywood's influence extends to far more than just ringtones for cell phones. Bollywood Actresses are making quite a splash in the mobile communication department by appearing as Bollywood wallpapers as well. These are some of the world's most beautiful women, and they are making a splash in the cell phone wallpaper department that is starting to get even the likes of Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie a little soggy.

Popular Bollywood Ringtone Songs

Their titles may not mean much to you unless you speak Hindi, but as of March 2, 2006, here are some of the most popular Bollywood ringtones according to Papu Mobile.

  • Kal Ho Naa Ho
  • Jai Jagadish Hare
  • Dus Bahane
  • Tumse Milke Dil Ka
  • Salaam Namaste
Bollywood Ringtones