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In these uncertain times filled with strife and turmoil, we can still look to award-winning Christian movies for a positive message today.

What Makes a Film Christian

The majority of Hollywood blockbusters are filled with pointless violence, nudity, sex and a wide variety of bad people doing bad things. There is always some anti-hero righting the wrong of the bad guy but in a manner quite similar to his adversary. There is rarely heart, emotion or feeling involved in these films. There is no faith, no spirit or redemption either. No message to tell God that we get the point and that we understand his esteemed word. Christian movies serve as a way to spread the word and message of God.

Award-winning Christian movies have a simple formula. There is an antagonist (someone who is a sinner), a protagonist (the person seeking to help the antagonist) and a story that is based on faith. It doesn't matter what the actual nuts and bolts of the story are, just the message that it conveys to the audience.

The Christian Film and Television Commission is the most respected presiding body over the Christian film industry. They watch all of the movies that are submitted to them, challenging these filmmakers to produce bodies of work with a message; the Christian message that can possibly win the "Christian Oscars." The films are judged on:

  • Biblical principles
  • Positive family values
  • Message of redemption
  • Finding faith when everything else has gone
  • Positive influence on the audience
  • Spreading of God's holy word

Not all mainstream movies are immediately passed over. The Chronicles of Narnia, for instance, is a Christian-based film with the message that God works in mysterious ways. He may seem to not be here with us but in reality He is always here watching us, waiting for the right time to show himself. He allows us to grow and change and to make our own choices until such a point when he is absolutely needed. Even films like Night at the Museum have wonderful Christian values attached to them.

Watch These Award-Winning Christian Movies

The Christian Film and Television Commission takes its Christian films very seriously. To them, the awards are as important, if not more so, than mainstream Hollywood's Oscars. Awards for Christian films help to validate that the Christian message is still alive in the movies.

Amazing Grace

2007 winner of the Epiphany Award, Most Inspiring, Judge's Choice/People's Award and Most Inspirational. It is the story of antislavery pioneer William Wilberforce and his quest to abolish the slave trade throughout the British Empire.


2007 award winner of the Freedom Award from the Christian Oscars. Bella is a story within a story, depicting a waitress battling with the choice of keeping her unborn child or having an abortion.

Into Great Silence

2008 award winner for Best Spiritual Documentary, this movie delves into the mostly silent life of monks living inside of a monastery.


2003 Best Motion Picture award winner by the Christian Film and Television Commission. Luther is the story of Martin Luther, the German monk, who brought Protestant reformation to the church.


2002 Best Motion Picture winner by the Christian Film and Television Commission. Evelyn follows a family in Ireland that is torn apart when their mother leaves a day after Christmas. The children's father is unemployed and the children are placed in orphanages.


2001 winner of Best Motion Picture from the Christian Film and Television Commission. Waterproof is the story of how the only Jewish store owner in an African-American neighborhood learns forgiveness.

All of the above award-winning Christian movies can be found at Amazon as well as Christian Cinema. If you look hard enough you can even find some Christian movies in flash and for free.

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Award-Winning Christian Movies