Avatar Movie Characters

Sam Worthington portrayed Cpl. Jake Sully in <em>Avatar</em>.

Avatar movie characters are some of the most detailed characters in any of James Cameron's movies. This 2009 film was one of the most groundbreaking films of the decade. Using advanced special effects and CGI (Computer generated imagery,) techniques, Avatar transported audiences into the futuristic world of Pandora, where alien life has been discovered. The technology allowed by CGI let Cameron create real life actors into Na'vi natives via computer animation techniques.

About the Avatar Movie Characters

The characters in Avatar are well-developed and each have unique quirks, personalities, and character traits. The diverse cast makes the film engaging and rich in detail. At IMDB.com, a full list of characters and their biographies can be found, along with a lot of other information about the film, such as earnings, trivia, goofs, and soundtrack information. Some of the main Avatar movie characters are as follows, though those who have not seen the movie might want to be aware of possible spoilers that could ruin the movie's plot details:

  • Cpl. Jake Sully: The hero of Avatar, Jake Sully is a Marine who is confined to a wheelchair until he is in his Avatar body. His military background helps him connect with the Na'vi people, as they consider themselves warriors as well.
  • Dr. Grace Augustine: Head of the Avatar program, Dr. Grace Augustine is a mentor and friend to Jake Sully. She set up a school to teach the Na'vi English, as well as to try and have peaceful relations with the forest people.
  • Norm Spellman: Norm arrives on Pandora around the same time as Jake does, and even though he is supposed to be the contact between the humans and Na'vi, they do not accept him as they do with Jake.
  • Colonel Miles Quaritch: Colonel Quaritch is one of the movie's antagonists; he has little respect for the life of the Na'vi and is determined to follow his orders, no matter the cost.
  • Neytiri: Jake's romantic interest, as well as his teacher of all things Na'vi. She is the daughter of Eytucan, the Omaticaya clan leader. She is the first real Na'vi Jake meets.
  • Tsu'tey: He is the heir to Eytucan's throne, as well as Neytiri's betrothed.

The Actors Behind the Characters


Avatar had a very talented cast, ranging from well-known actors to a list of unknowns. The diversity of the cast, along with the eye-popping digital effects and script, helped make Avatar so successful . Cast members include:

  • Sam Worthington (Jake Sully): This actor from Australia has also played Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation, and he plays Perseus in the upcoming film Clash of the Titans.
  • Sigourney Weaver (Dr. Grace Augustine): Ellen Ripley in another Cameron film entitled Aliens, Sigourney Weaver is a popular actress and has starred in movies such as Dave, Baby Mamma and Be Kind Rewind
  • Joel Moore (Norm Spellman): Hailing from Portland Oregon, this actor has been in films like Stuntmen and Shanghai Kiss
  • Stephen Lang (Colonel Miles Quaritch): Stephen Lang has also been in the movies Public Enemies and From Mexico With Love.
  • Zoe Saldana (Neytiri): This actress from New Jersey has been in the 2009 movie Star Trek, as well as Vantage Point.
  • Laz Alonso (Tsu'tey): Fast & Furious 4, This Christmas, and 30 Years to Life are just a few movies this actor has played roles in.

As of 2010, Avatar was the highest grossing film in the history of film making. It was the fifth movie to break the one billion mark at the box offices in America, and its total earnings have been recorded at $631 million. The film's universal themes and story have made it one of the most popular movies of the decade. The Avatar movie characters are some of the most recognizable characters of 2009.

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Avatar Movie Characters