Valentine's Day Movie

Valentine's Day is an important holiday.

Watching movies on holidays is a tradition that many families have, and the Valentine's Day movie is a great way to celebrate the fourteenth of February, especially if you do not have any plans for that night. The film was first released in 2010 and was directed by Gary Marshall. One of the unique qualities of Valentine's Day is the number of celebrities that are in it. Ranging from movie stars like Queen Latifah and Taylor Lautner to musicians such as Taylor Swift and even comedians like George Lopez. While the number of familiar faces might seem a little overwhelming, the way that the Valentine's Day movie is presented allows viewers to enjoy all of the star-power in the film.

Valentine's Day Movie Cast

The cast of the Valentine's Day movie is full of big Hollywood names, as well as a few lesser-known names as well. A list of some of the cast in Valentine's Day is:

• Bryce Robinson as Edison Hazeltine

• Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Harrison Copeland

• Alex Williams as Josh Curts

• Emma Roberts as Grace Smart

• Carter Jenkins as Alex Franklin

• Taylor Lautner as Willy Harrington

• Taylor Swift as Felicia Miller

• Eric Dane as Sean Jackson

• Jessica Biel as Kara Monahan

• Shirley MacLaine as Estelle Paddington

• Julia Roberts as Captain Kate Hazeltine

• Bradley Cooper as Holden Bristow

• Jessica Alba as Morley Clarkson

• Ashton Kutcher as Reed Bennett

• Jennifer Garner as Julia Fitzpatrick

• Anne Hathaway as Liz Corynn

• Topher Grace as Jason Morris

• Hector Elizondo as Edgar Paddington

• George Lopez as Alfonso Rodriguez

• Jamie Foxx as Kelvin Moore

• Queen Latifah as Paula Thomas

• Katherine LaNasa as Pamela Copeland

• Kathy Bates as Susan Moralez

• Brooklynn Proulx as Madison Copeland

• Jonathan Morgan Heit as Tough Franklin

The number of different characters in the Valentine's Day movie allows it to have several different main plots as well as sub-plots. Some critics of the film, such as, gave the movie a lower score on its review because of the business of its plots as well as the clichés that were somewhat frequent throughout it. Viewers gave the movie higher reviews than the critics.

Awards and Nominations

Valentine's Day was nominated for several different awards after its 2010 release, including:

• 2010 MTV Movie Award's Best Kiss for Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

• 2010 Teen Choice Award Choice Romantic Comedy Movie Actress for Queen Latifah

• 2010 Teen Choice Award Choice Female Scene Stealer for Anne Hathaway

• 2010 Teen Choice Award Choice Hissy Fit for Jessica Biel

The film also won several awards:

• 2010 Teen Choice Award Choice Romantic Comedy

• 2010 Teen Choice Award Choice Romantic Comedy Actor for Ashton Kutcher

• 2010 Teen Choice Award Choice Breakout Female for Taylor Swift

Valentine's Day is also pending for an award in the 37th People's Choice Awards for Best Comedy Film.

Watching the Film

If you want to watch Valentine's Day, then looking for a place to buy the DVD is probably your best bet. You could also download it from a website such as or purchase the Blu-Ray copy of the film. Blu-Ray discs and players will play movies in a much higher quality than a normal DVD player will, though they are a bit more expensive, giving you more of a theater-style experience.

Gary Marshall has announced that a sequel for Valentine's Day, called New Year's Eve, would be released in December of 2011. The film is going to bring back several of the original film's stars as well as a few new actors and actresses, and is going to center around the events on December 31st and January 1st. The sequel is going to be set in New York City.

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Valentine's Day Movie