Hottest Movie Scenes

Hot scenes in movies bring couples together

Some of the hottest movie scenes out there come from films that you would never have imagined. Others involve some of the most popular stars in Hollywood in highly anticipated films. No matter where the scene comes from, there is something about seeing some of the hottest movie scenes out there that makes you want to look back and see what others are out there. It's always fun to see where a scene ranks among others of that type!

The Hottest Movie Scenes

Some of these movie scenes have been talked about in the past for being some of the hottest moments on-screen, and they will likely be talked about in the future!

  • Titanic is knowing for the scene in which the two star-crossed lovers finally get together in a very intimate manner. The two end up making love in an unattended quarter of the ship and the scene is known for the portion of the scene where Rose slides her hand down the steamy glass.
  • In Dirty Dancing, Baby and her teacher have a final dance that reveals much of their relationship. The scene is public, controversial and very hot.
  • In The Way We Were, the couple find themselves together and later apart. At the height of their romance, the two become intimate in one of the most emotional scenes of passion that many have ever seen.
  • In An Officer and a Gentleman, the scene of passion is not one of a happy couple or passionate love. Instead, the scene is just about the sexual moment as Richard Gere's character finds himself lonely and has his way with one of the local girls.
  • While Cruel Intentions may in many ways be a cult favorite film, the scene in which innocent Annette and cruel Sebastian finally make love could be considered very hot. The scene between the two makes the film's ending all the more bittersweet.
  • In the film Ghost, the passionate relationship between a man and the wife he loves very much is shared. Before his untimely murder, the two share a passionate scene while she is sculpting with clay. Few can forget how hot and passionate the scene is.
  • How Stella Got Her Grove back features Stella in Jamaica trying to find much of what she is missing in life. While having a clandestine relationship with one of the local men, the two begin to fight. She goes to apologize and things end up in the shower. The hot and steamy scene is much of what the film is remembered for.
  • Brokeback Mountain broke down many social barriers. The scene between two gay men held tightly in the closet by other social restrictions is hot not for its graphic nature (the scene is quite mild compared to much out there in current cinema) but because of the taboo the film attempts to expose.
  • In Monster Ball, Leticia takes things to the prison guard responsible for her husband's execution. The gritty nature of the scene is blunt and open - just like many of the hottest scenes in real life.
  • In Out of Sight, George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez find their characters in the trunk of a car together. They later find themselves in a Detroit hotel room. When one thing leads to another, the scene is dynamic and passionate and often cited as the hottest movie scene in either star's career.
  • In Love and Other Drugs, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway face numerous troubles that most relationships don't have. One of the films hottest scenes involves how the couple never even managed to make it to the bedroom in their efforts.

A Final Thought

Some of the hottest movies scenes out there are hot not just because of the nature of the scene but because of the chemistry between the two characters. A hot scene doesn't need to involve two characters in a star-struck romance; instead, it can be something just as simple as love personified on the big screen.

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Hottest Movie Scenes