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The movie Paranormal Activity was released in 2007 by Paramount, and was one of the most popular horror films of that year. The film was first shown at the Screamfest Film Festival on October 14th, 2007, and later on at the Slamdance Film Festival. It was not released to the general public, however, until October 16th, 2009. Paramount earned $107,918,810 domestically and $85,379,199 in foreign theaters. The total gross of Paranormal Activity was $193,298,009. The movie was nominated for Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards in 2009.

Cast of the Movie Paranormal Activity

The cast from the movie Paranormal Activity is made up of a relatively small number of people, and all of the actors in the film were fairly unknown before its release. The use of unfamiliar faces in a movie is something that directors who have a small budget to make their movie with often do, but even movies with a lot of money to film with will sometimes use unknown actors or actresses in a film. More famous actors will make viewers think of their past roles in other movies, and this can hurt the way that the new film is seen. The main cast of Paranormal Activity is:

  • Katie Featherston as Katie
  • Micah Sloat as Micah
  • Mark Fredrichs as the psychiatrist
  • Amber Armstrong as Amber
  • Ashley Palmer as Diane (The girl on the Internet)

Several actors also make uncredited appearances, they are:

  • Crystal Cartwright as the exorcism nanny
  • Randy McDowell as Lt. Randy Hudson
  • James Piper as Richard

The plot of Paranormal Activity does not require as many people as most blockbuster horror films do.

Paranormal Activity's Plot

In the movie Paranormal Activity, the two main characters, Katie and Micah, move into their first house together. While the couple is sleeping, something begins to haunt them. Katie reveals to Micah that she has been haunted by the same ghost that is bothering them now since she was eight years old. Micah, who is skeptical, goes out and purchases a video camera so he can record the paranormal activity that Katie believes is going on in the house. They call a psychiatrist, Dr. Fredrichs, to assist them in getting rid of the ghost that is now haunting their house. The movie's plot is told through a video camera that has been set up at the foot of the couple's bed, so it has a different perspective than most horror films.

Paranormal Activity 2

On October 22nd, 2010, the sequel to Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2, was released. The ninety-one minute long movie is about a family who suffers a series of what they think are break-ins, though they turn out to be something much worse. The family sets up a web of security cameras throughout their home so that they can monitor what is happening to their home at night while they sleep. The film had an estimated $2,750,000 budget, and has received very good reviews from fans of the first Paranormal Activity. Both films are rated R for language and violence.

The first Paranormal Activity has been released on both DVD and Blu-Ray, so if you enjoyed the film in theaters, you can purchase it to watch at home whenever you feel like it. Stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Blockbuster are all great places to buy movies, and if you go to Blockbuster or another movie rental store, you can just rent the movie instead of buying it. The Internet is also a great resource when you are looking for movies to buy.

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The Movie Paranormal Activity