Best Romantic Comedy Movies

Love is in the air!

The best romantic comedy movies out there are on the list because of how much they make viewers laugh. Not only do they find themselves in stiches over the jokes and events in the film but they also find themselves connected to the characters. After all, no one would watch a romantic comedy if they didn't care if the two characters got together in the end. Fans of romantic comedies also care about the road to the romantic ending.

The Best Romantic Comedy Movies

If you're looking for some of the best romantic comedy movies that are out there nowadays, you're in luck: there are so many great movies that fall into the genre, it's almost difficult to keep track! Here are some of the top romantic movies out there:

Can't Hardly Wait

High school is coming to an end and one of the more unpopular kids is looking to tell his crush he's into her. The catch? She just happens to be the most popular girl in school who has been all anyone can talk about in the halls. More importantly, will it even matter if he tells her?

Never Been Kissed

Josie wasn't one of the popular kids in high school. In fact, she wasn't even on the map and was known best for her horrible nickname. Years later, Josie is writing for a paper and offered the chance to go undercover at a local high school. Along the way--with some stumbles--she falls for one of the teachers at the school. But will he be able to handle the fact that his former student is actually the same age he is?

She's All That

When the future prom king is trying to get everyone to see he's still all that when his girlfriend dumps him, he takes on a bet to turn the ugly duckling of the school into the prom queen. Of course, there are numerous bumps along the way -- including duckling Laney not understanding why Zach is even bothering to talk to her. But in the end, it doesn't matter who wins the Prom Queen title because Zach gets the girl.

The Wedding Planner

When the most succesful woman in a wedding planning agency tries to nail a big client to get a partnership stake in the company, it comes to her surprise that she has a crush on the groom. While things are difficult along the way, it is up to her to determine if the pursuit of love or the dollar is more important.

27 Dresses

She's in love with her boss. When her boss and sister meet, they begin dating, fall in love, and begin planning a wedding. While most sisters should be happy -- especially one who loves to plan weddings -- she can't help but wonder why it is not her. But when wedding reporter Doyle gets involved, things start to get a little bit more interesting.

Love Actually

A collection of small stories, the plot follows the lives of a cheating man, a man in love with a woman he pretends to hate, an eight year old boy and more.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What do you do when your huge family not only gets in the way of most of your life but suddenly is at the center of your dating life? Find out when this big Greek family tries to plan a wedding!

Meet the Parents

If you thought trying to impress the parents of your beloved was difficult, you've still got nothing to worry about compared to Meet The Parents. The couple tries to stay together and earn the approval of the woman's father, a former FBI operative turned fake gardener.

A Final Thought

One of the best parts about romantic comedies is how much fun people have when watching them. The best romantic comedy movies out there are normally fan favorites because while the characters might fall in love, viewers have a great time watching them do so.

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Best Romantic Comedy Movies