Top 100 Mexican Movies

Mexican cinema puts them on the map!

If you are interested in films featuring the Mexican population of the world or just those covering Mexican topics, the top 100 Mexican films out there might be a natural place for you to begin your movie search.

Top Mexican Actor and Actresses

Much like American films, Mexican films often become popular because of the actors in the film. Many of the more popular Mexican actors and actresses out there include:

  • María Elena Velasco
  • Ricardo Montalban
  • Carlos Gallardo
  • Salma Hayek
  • Anthony Quinn
  • Sara Garcia
  • Gael Garcia Bernal
  • Kuno Becker

Many of these actors are not only famous for the parts they have played in Mexican-themed films but also for their roles in American cinematography. For example, Salma Hayek has been in numerous pop comedy American films like Fools Rush In.

The Top 100 Mexican Films

For fans of the top 100 Mexican films out there, it can be difficult to nail down which films belong at the top of the list. However, a few films that many find rightfully acclaimed include:

Y Tu Mama Tambien: This 2001 film deals with much more than the socio-psychological barriers and issues in the average Mexican lifestyle. The film also tackles sex, honesty and comedy in this critically acclaimed romp. The film took a trip to the Oscars the year of its release.

24 Horas De Vida: In this film, Antonio and Salvado do a great job shuttling passengers in their taxi. But when a criminal group leaves a very important bag, they find themselves at the heart of something much larger than they were anticipating.

A Sangre Fria: Thug life meets the straight and narrow when a cop looking to clean up all of the streets is forced to fight against a thug looking to protect his turf. Expect a dramatic, dangerous thriller with life-altering differences.

Dona Herlinda and Her Son: When two gay men are forced by circumstance to move in with one of their mothers, comedic situations abound.

Deep Crimson: A single mother teams up with a murderer who targets others through personal ads. The two end up taking killing to an entirely new level.

Caminos de Sangre: The local gang rules the town and no one has the power to stop them. However, when an innocent girl gets hurt in the gunfire, her older brother takes a stand against the thugs.

Other Popular Mexican Films

For fans of Mexican cinema, it is important to know that there are numerous other places that you can find some of the top Mexican films out there like:

  • A quick glance through the well-known online merchandiser shows Internet users that there are numerous lists featuring the top Mexican films out there. You can even make your own list with comments and information to share with other users!
  • Jaman: One of the most popular sites online for Internet movies, Jaman has a large collection of Mexican films. The site prides itself in taking only the best films in their repertoire so you can watch with confidence!
  • Multilingual Books: This site is really helpful for giving potential viewers a listing of the top Mexican films out there. The films also have a brief introduction to help make sure that you pick the right film for you and your family.

A Final Thought

For those who love Mexican filmography, there are many reasons. Some love the typical plot lines and common civil strifes that are featured in the films. Others love to see the Spanish language at the height of its abilities with the development in different cultural circles. Whatever your reason for loving Mexican cinema, the top 100 Mexican films out there will certainly keep you interested!

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Top 100 Mexican Movies