The Cast of First Fruits the Movie

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The cast of First Fruits the movie may not be well-known among traditional moviegoers, but those who have viewed this powerful movie are often curious about the talented cast members. First Fruits is sometimes shown as a religious inspirational film in churches and missionary groups. Those who watch it understand its powerful message.

First Fruits Plot

Billed as a missionary classic, the movie First Fruits chronicles the tale of two young Moravians who set out from their comfortable Herrnhut, Germany homes to head to the unknown world of the West Indies. They left with one purpose in mind--to follow a God-led calling to share the Gospel of Christ with the slaves of the West Indies. These two dedicated Christian servants had no reservations about what they might encounter in their journey to teach the people of the West Indies about Christianity. They were willing to minister in whatever capacity necessary--even if they needed to become slaves themselves--in order to reach out and serve.

The Moravians were led by Count Nikolaus von Zinzendorf, and they followed two strong convictions--the church's main obligation is to practice world evangelism and every Christian must subscribe to this responsibility. As a result, the Moravians sent out more missions in 20 years than all other Christians in 200 years.

The 70-minute film portrays the trials and tribulations these young men experienced throughout their mission. The term "first fruits" refers to the results of their ministry and the impact they had on the future of those they ministered to. The 1982 Gateway film received the following awards:

  • Best Cinematography - Christian Film Distribution Association 1982
  • Best Film of the Year - Christian Film Distribution Association 1982
  • Best Missionary Film of the Year - Christian Film Distribution Association 1982
  • Best Musical Score - Christian Film Distribution Association 1982

List of the Cast of First Fruits the Movie

The movie would never had made such an impact in the Christian film industry if it wasn't for the talented, albeit virtually unknown, cast. The cast of First Fruits the movie includes the following in order of appearance:

  • Joshua--played by Dario Messina
  • Simone--played by Ann Kathrin Doerig
  • Simone's mother--played by Longino Marina
  • Marcelle--played by Clementine Bossard
  • Joshua's father--played by Nicola Corciulo
  • Farmer--played by Fabio Orlando
  • Fisherman--played by Mbaye Serigne Mor Fangom
  • The Cat--Muccio
  • The Dog--Crasti

First Fruits Film Credits

It is interesting to note that two cast members, Clementine Bossard and Nicola Corciulo, also served in other roles regarding the production of the movie. Film credits include the following:

  • Pao Paixao--writer and director
  • Jenny Brauer--camera woman
  • Nicola Corciulo--set and prop designer
  • Carlos Ibanez Diaz--sound
  • Nicola Corciulo--special effects
  • Dominik Konig--gaffer
  • Pao Paixao--producer
  • Nicola Corciulo--logistics
  • Mario Negro--runner
  • Clementine Bossard--set photographer
  • Paulo dos Santos--costumes
  • Soledad Zehnder--costume adviser
  • Delfina de Giorgi--makeup adviser

Purchasing First Fruits the Movie

Finding the movie First Fruits may take some finesse. Look for it on sites like eBay. You can also purchase or rent the movie at Amazon. First Fruits may not have made your must-have movie list initially, but the cast of this simple film makes this movie a powerful Christian-themed favorite among those who have viewed it.

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The Cast of First Fruits the Movie