Where to Find Bollywood Movies with English Subtitles

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Not only does Bollywood command as much influence worldwide as Hollywood, but its influence is increasing. The more people that turn to Bollywood's lighter more melodramatic storylines, the more the Indian film industry attempts to make them more appealing to a universal audience. If you know where to look you can find almost every new film coming out of Bollywood with English subtitles. Some you can find for free, but the very best ones are as expensive as their Hollywood counterparts.

Finding Bollywood Movies with Subtitles

In most films made in India, the actors speak Hindi when they are delivering their lines, although in some films, actors speak an older dialect called Urdu. Some of the more mainstream films produced in India are beginning to incorporate more and more English in the dialog, and some characters will switch between Hindi and English in the same film. Of course if you don't speak Hindi or Urdu, you are going to need subtitles to follow these films.

Buying Movies

In today's DVD age it is possible to watch new, big budget films such as Bride and Prejudice and 3 Idiots with English subtitles. Online Indian sites have a wider choice of films, but they are also far more expensive and you must be sure that they will play in your DVD region. As an example the Bollywood DVD site sells blu rays with subtitles from about $26. In comparison Amazon sells the same blu ray films for $20.99.

The following are some modern Bollywood releases you can buy with English subtitles:

Some classic Bollywood films from the 50s, 60s and 70s have been remastered with subtitles. They include the following films, all of which Time Magazine lists as some of the greatest Bollywood films ever made.

While these older films are relatively inexpensive (about $6), by far the cheapest way to pay for good quality Bollywood films with English subtitles is to rent them on such sites as Amazon Instant Video. Currently there are not many available, but it is still possible to rent out an internationally successful Bollywood film such as 3 Idiots for $3.99 or the following films from:

Get Out Your Popcorn

Now that you know where to find and watch Bollywood films with English subtitles, all you need to do is get comfortable, get out your popcorn, and start watching these great movies. There are tens of thousands of incredible films produced by the Indian film industry, so if you find that you really love these movies, there are plenty of them to choose from.

Where to Find Bollywood Movies with English Subtitles